Effects of Exercising High

Arazi Edwards
2 min readJul 18, 2022


Drugs influence on workout performance


(I do not condone the use of drugs during a workout.)

I don’t know about you, but when I think of someone getting high, I think of a group of friends smoking on a couch with the munchies. The thought of getting high while exercising has never occurred to me and many others, but there may be unseen benefits to it that can elevate a workout.

Anecdotal Evidence

Some people believe that smoking drugs such as cannabis helps them get a few extra reps in a workout, or that getting high before a run allows them to push past the pain and makes it more enjoyable.

Scientific Evidence

The scientific evidence, on the other hand, states that the effects of cannabis would include:

Memory problems: THC can distort the process of creating new memories because it affects the hippocampus within the brain.

Dopamine release: THC can trigger dopamine within the brain and can heighten your sensory perception.

Slowed reaction time: Cannabis can affect your movement causing things, such as driving to be complicated.

Impaired Judgement: THC can alter your mindset, affecting the way you make decisions.

Glaucoma relief: THC can relieve pressure on the eye temporarily, decreasing symptoms of glaucoma.

Weakened immune system: THC can lower your immune system response causing you to be more susceptible to illness.

Pain relief: THC can help temporarily remove pain from the body.

Respiratory effects: Because THC has a mix of chemicals it can cause you to be more prone to bronchitis.

Effects on the circulatory system: Smoking THC can cause the heart rate to increase and blood vessels to expand, causing redness in the eye.

Power Plant Fitness

This idea has recently been tested in the first-ever weed gym: Power plant fitness. It was created in San Fransico by Jim Alpine. He believes that weed can be a great way to get into the zone when working out. The studies done on this gym state that smoking a little pot before coming to a workout session make increases tolerance to pain and reduce anxiety and inflammation.


Based on the evidence above, smoking THC may not be the best idea, but if you notice that your workouts are more effective being a little high, then by all means. If you enjoyed this article, share it with someone who would enjoy it as much as you.

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